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4 min readJun 30, 2021


With CoinsPaid’s infrastructure being upgraded and expanded recently, we’re receiving many questions about our new services and IDO. If you missed the recent AMA sessions and want to know more about CoinsPaid and our plans, this guide is for you.

Top questions by users

In the latest CoinsPaid AMA on Telegram, we received some very interesting questions and even rewarded those users who asked the best ones. In fact, some were so insightful that we’ve decided to re-post them here to help you learn more about CoinsPaid and the IDO — as well as dispel some potential concerns.

Many projects exit-scammed recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?” — @Raiyanbro

CoinsPaid is one of the largest crypto payment ecosystems out there. We work with 600+ B2B clients and have already processed over 1.3 billion euro ($1.5bn) worth of crypto in 2021 alone. To understand the scale of our business, check this independent report by Crystal blockchain — though it features the stats for only one transaction cluster, it will give you an idea.

An exit scam would cost us our reputation and much more money than any IDO could ever raise. Think about it — $1.5 billion in turnover in six months in exchange for some ether? It simply makes no sense.

As education for cryptocurrency is necessary nowadays, what’s your plan to attract the people who don’t know about cryptocurrency?” — @nurislamrubel

Since our range of services will be expanded by DeFi and new crypto wallet features, we will make sure that the learning curve is smooth for newbies. We plan to launch CoinsPaid Academy in Q4 2021-Q1 2022 — it will provide educational materials on the basics of crypto and DeFi, explain how to exploit our services, and reap maximum benefits from the CPD token.

“Do you have support from the government or start-up in your country?” — @NonenameIm

CoinsPaid is registered in Estonia but is not supported by any government. Our project is fueled by our own earnings and investors’ support. Currently, we are raising funds during the IDO: two rounds of the private sale are almost over, and the public sale is coming soon.

“Have you encountered any hacking incidents?” — @Mertxxxxx

CoinsPaid has never been hacked. Our products were audited by Kaspersky Labs and 10Guards — no system vulnerabilities were detected.


The community also had a lot of questions concerning our IDO. Check out the most popular ones — get first-hand information.

What is the purpose of this IDO?

CoinsPaid already has a huge crypto payment ecosystem with 600+ B2B clients (merchants) in it. A lot of them are interested in DeFi. Our next goal is to bridge the gap between business and DeFi services and integrate B2C customers into it. We already have a B2C wallet, but it’s just the beginning: we are now building a community around our new services. The IDO isn’t as much about money — with a 6-month turnover of $1.5 billion it’s not an issue — as it is about gaining traction within the DeFi community.

When does the public sale start?

It will be launched in July 2021 right after the end of the private sale II. We will announce the date of the public sale on social media — stay tuned.

What will be the price of the CPD token in the private sale I & II and the public one?

Private round 1 — $0.01

Private round 2 — $0.015

Public sale — $0.02

How to participate in the public sale?

Follow these steps:

  • Join our waitlist:
  • Make sure you got acquainted with our IDO Disclaimer Notices
  • Wait for the email notification from our team. We will randomly select several waitlist applicants to be added to the IDO whitelist.
  • Pass the KYC procedure.

Is every participant guaranteed an allocation for the public sale?

No, participants who were selected for the public sale and passed KYC are not guaranteed allocation. Please, be aware that the IDO is conducted on a first come — first serve basis.

Haven’t found the answer? Ask our chatbot

If this guide doesn’t mention any IDO-related points you want to know about, don’t hesitate to ask the CoinsPaid team — answers are waiting for you in our Telegram and Facebook chatbots:

Telegram —

Facebook —

Alternatively, you can contact our team via the official CoinsPaid Telegram chat — there’s a lot of useful info you might have missed. Besides, more AMA sessions will be held for our community to stay informed.




CoinsPaid is a crypto-financial ecosystem including a cryptocurrency wallet, payment processor, exchange with OTC desk, a hot wallet system for businesses