The CPD timeline: one token, many applications

4 min readAug 25, 2021


Compared to most DeFi tokens, CoinsPaid’s CPD has much more wide-ranging utility — from liquidity mining and staking to paying processing fees with huge discounts. Here’s what regular users and businesses can expect from CPD after the IDO.

Point 0: the IDO

When: August 24 on Dao Pad (finished), August 31 on SpacePort

We’ll sell $330k worth of CPD during each round — see this detailed guide for instructions and info on the launchpads we’ve chosen.

CPD distribution: gradual and smooth

When: right after the TGE, goes on for 4 months

CoinsPaid IDO is the first one with literally zero selling pressure: all the tokens are vested, so there’s no risk of a post-IDO dump. You’ll receive $CPD in batches, with each new block on the Ethereum blockchain. This is especially important considering that there is a week-long gap between the two IDO rounds.

DEX listing

When: 1–2 days after the IDO

After the IDO, CPD will be gradually listed on DEX’s: Uniswap, PlasmaSwap + HyperDex, SushiSwap, and PancakeSwap. However, instead of selling your tokens, it’s better that you place them in a liquidity pool to earn yield farming rewards. It’s a constant source of passive income that will work out far more lucrative in the long term.

Liquidity mining

When: once liquidity pools are launched (1–2 weeks after DEX listing)

Liquidity mining, or yield farming, will be the first true DeFi service in our new ecosystem. It’s also the most popular way to earn crypto in the DeFi market. Deposit $CPD in any of the supported liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges, get special derivative tokens in return, stake them on a smart contract — and enjoy a constant flow of rewards.

If the procedure sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry: closer to the data we’ll publish a detailed yield farming tutorial.

Discounts and bonuses

When: Q3 2021

If you plan to use any of CoinsPaid’s CeFi services, holding and staking $CPD is definitely a good idea. Discounts cover all our offerings: payment processing, wallet transactions (B2B and B2C), OTC exchange, and so forth.

For example, both B2B and B2C customers get 20% off service fees when paying them in CPD, plus an additional 5–30% off for those users who also stake CPD. For transactions in CPD, the discount reaches 50%.

As we launch new services (such as CoinsPaid Marketing and CoinsPaid Academy), the discount and cashback system will be automatically extended to them, too.

In addition, users will receive a bonus of up to 50% in CPD when investing through the internal CoinsPaid dashboard. We are also working on a full-scale loyalty reward system, also based on CPD (details are coming soon).

Cross-chain protocol (beta)

When: Q3-Q4 2021

$CPD will operate on three different blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polygon. Each of them has its own advantages: for example, Ethereum boasts the largest DeFi ecosystem, but BSC and Polygon are cheaper and faster. Support for TRON, Polkadot, and Solana may be added in 2022.

The cross-chain protocol will allow CoinsPaid users to benefit from the lucrative opportunities in all three networks, seamlessly sending $CPD from one chain to another. For now, the protocol will be launched in beta (test version), but we hope to have the full version up and running by Q1 2022.

$CPD staking

When: Q4 2021

Staking is different from liquidity mining in that you stake actual $CPD staking rather than the derivative assets you receive when placing $CPD in a liquidity pool. This is a good alternative to yield farming for those users who wish to receive very stable passive income (as opposed to liquidity mining rewards, which can change depending on the number of users in the pool and other factors). The expected APY is around 20% — better than any bank deposit.


When: Q3-Q4 2021

We’re currently integrating CPD into the CoinsPaid B2C and B2B wallets. Apart from sending, holding, and receiving CPD, users will get discounts when paying transaction fees with our tokens, accumulate CPD cashback, and more.

Borrowing and lending

When: Q4 2021

Yet another way to earn with CPD: lend your crypto and get an attractive interest. CoinsPaid’s merchants are particularly interested in this service: they accumulate a lot of crypto revenue on their balance and would like to make all that money work and produce additional gains. Of course, B2C users (i.e. regular CPD holders) can also participate in lending — or get a quick crypto loan.

Right now we are busy integrating $CPD in all existing business processes — and at the same time looking for new ways to offer value to CPD holders. The plan is to build the first fully integrated CeFi/DeFi ecosystem, in which the token provides benefits every step of the way. Visit our IDO page and check out the Light Paper to learn more about $CPD — and don’t miss the upcoming DEX listings!




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