Simple Check: where you can pay with Bitcoin?

4 min readJul 15, 2020


Bitcoin, also known as BTC or Digital Money, has come a great way from costing 10 000 coins for a pizza to an established monetary unit in more than 100,000 stores and companies. Even 2–3 years ago, bitcoin was the “currency of the fashionable,” and now it has become the “currency of the visionary.” Readers may ask: how can you be so sure of it? Let’s try to explain it using the facts from С


Considering the absence of a physical shell of any cryptocurrency (excluding souvenirs), all the payments in cryptocurrency are available via electronic payments. In modern conditions and the use of payment systems, manufacturers/suppliers of goods and services have no difficulties with it, and it doesn’t matter whether it is HoReCa, retail, or manufacturing in any segment from the middle to luxury. In this case, the payment is made via:

- Scanned QR-code;

- Credit transfer from wallet to wallet.


As one may notice, according to the information of one of the largest business search portals, which is ready to accept bitcoins as means of payment, at the moment there are 19421 points of crypto-friendly services all over the world.


The pathbreaker of today’s usage of bitcoin was Japan. For the past five years, they have led the list of countries where digital currencies are ubiquitous.

When it comes to South America, Argentina is the leading region in terms of bitcoin consumption. The reason is simple — stagnation and hyperinflation lasting for several decades. Thus it contributes to the growth of the bitcoin ATM market and related services, as well as the demand for cryptocurrency payments.

The most active users of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular in the Western world are Central Europe (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic) and the coast of the United States, where the headquarters of most of the world’s leaders in the IT segment are located.

Cars and immovable property

Buying with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is mainly prevalent among premium car manufacturers. The first purchase of a Lamborghini Huracan sports car for BTC was recorded in Newport Beach (California). The buyer was a computer programmer Peter Saddington. According to him, the purchase cost him 115 dollars, given that he bought bitcoins for 2,5 dollars in 2011.

Bitcoins are also accepted at some salons in the South of the United States, private companies from Australia, and premium salons in the developed countries of the Arab Crescent. One of the official BMW dealers allows their customers to pay with bitcoins to purchase a car.

Selling houses, apartments, and land with bitcoins is already quite a typical schtick. In many countries, such as Dominican Republic, Montenegro, USA, Australia, Mexico, it is possible to buy an immovable property at a price ranging from 10 to 1200 BTC with the corresponding dispersion by area and conditions.


Cyprus universities have become the pathbreaker of crypto-tuition fees. The system proved its effectiveness, and some of the universities in the USA and Great Britain started to accept cryptocurrency together with euro and dollars. Many European universities currently use bitcoins as payment means.


Cryptocurrency has become a leading payment method in the eSports segment. Most online casinos allow their users to log in using crypto wallets or add funds to their deposits using basic coins. Cryptocurrency can also be used for payment in online games. Unfortunately, the main game stores don’t accept either bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies at the moment; however, as we believe, this is just a matter of time.


● Coffee — some private European coffee shops, for example, in the Czech Republic, accept payment only in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Starbucks coffee shops in the Netherlands were one of the first to switch to cryptocurrencies.

● Burgers in Burger King — restaurant menus in many US cities can be paid with bitcoin.

Besides, you can find thousands of shops on, which are ready to accept bitcoins as payment means. This list is constantly growing and being updated.

What else?

Cryptocurrency is a trending payment method, which is why many business representatives choose crypto as payment means as part of the promotion program. Regardless of how much you know about cryptocurrency, businesses are already accepting bitcoins and other coins as payment means, and they cannot be ignored. And tomorrow… tomorrow crypto will be as usual payment method of services as dollars and euro. Should we wait for it to happen?




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