Mirai Flights Increases Revenue by 30% with CoinsPaid Crypto Solution

2 min readDec 20, 2022

The ink has just dried on yet another fantastic client case of ours, and we’d love to share it with you!

CoinsPaid became a partner with Mirai Flights, UK-based company that specialises in private charter services in Europe and the Middle East. Through integrating CryptoProcessing.com to accept crypto payments, not only has Mirai been able to save up to 75% in fees, but 10% of their frequent fliers are already switching to digital asset. What is more, the company’s revenue has increased by a considerable 30% since adding a crypto payment option.

Not only are there benefits when it comes to savings, but the global nature of crypto as a payment medium allowed Mirai to expand their customer base and operate in a niche market. Moreover, the instant nature of crypto as a payment medium is incredibly important to clients looking to book tickets quickly. These are just some of the additional benefits that have helped Mirai reach such a tremendous increase in revenue in such a short period of time.

“We wanted to make booking a private jet as seamless as possible for our clients. Over 20% of them book flights for the same day or the next day’s departure, which requires a fast confirmation of payment within minutes. That is why we opted for CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid, one of the leading and fastest crypto payment gateways in the market. We can now confirm payment within minutes, and allow our customers time to put together other travelling amenities. We have already seen extensive interest in crypto payments from our clients, and we expect it to grow in the future,” — commented Evgeny Chuprov, Co-Founder of Mirai Flights.

Mirai Flights has successfully taken advantage of the marketing opportunities crypto provides, quickly becoming a visionary in its sector and establishing itself as a trailblazer by accepting crypto payments. In contrast to competitors who do not yet accept crypto, Mirai Flights is able to leverage the swift and borderless nature of digital assets to attract new customers.

“We’re excited to be part of Mirai Flights’ step into the new and revolutionary world of cryptocurrency. The partnership will make booking your business or pleasure flights easier and more convenient than ever. Thanks to our CryptoProcessing payment gateway, Mirai Flights clients can choose to pay in crypto. We are proud to work with innovators in the flight booking space such as Mirai Flights,” — said Max Krupyshev.

Indeed, this marked increase in revenue puts a seal on the new relationship between CoinsPaid and Mirai, one that we believe will last through the years and serve as a benchmark for the crypto processing industry.

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