Max Krupyshev: the history of the transformation of ideas into a successful business

3 min readJun 28, 2020


June 28, Maxim Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid and turns 32 years old. For a specialist who is a blockchain and cryptocurrencies opinion leader, this is the time to reap the benefits of labor. To understand what was the reason for Max’s success, it is necessary to talk about how he began his journey in the field of crypto. Btw we encourage you to participate in the giveaway and GET 1 ETHEREUM.

Max Krupyshev is CEO of He does not hide the reasons why he came to cryptocurrencies back in 2013: such technology has attracted him all his life. Only a year later in 2014, crypto began to attract investments, and there were very few specialists in the segment to advise on it. It was frankness and professionalism that allowed Max to become an opinion leader, a sought-after speaker at international events and a popularizer of cryptocurrency. Want to know more about him? Spend 2 minutes and read our material.

First steps

Max became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2013, when they were the dream of only a handful of enthusiasts around the world. The young specialist, together with a team of like-minded people, decided to carefully monitor the market and find out which coin was the most profitable. After a profound research, the choice fell on Litecoin, which is still one of the most sought-after coins (so we recommend that you pay attention to this cryptocurrency). Mining took place on GPU equipment, while it was cost-effective. After that, it was the turn of the “asiks” for Litecoin and mining switched to Darkcoin (later known as Dash) and Vertcoin.

This allowed Max to thoroughly understand how cryptocurrencies, blockchain and mining work, which was the impetus for the next step: the development of their own software for working with crypto. A large number of applications that filled the Apple store suddenly disappeared upon the request of the guys from Cupertino. This allowed to enter the market with a new offer: a web wallet and an interface with behavior that is completely identical to the native iOS application. The crypto community immediately praised the development, but after some time Apple returned the wallets back, and the need for a web version disappeared, so Max decided to engage in the popularization of cryptocurrencies and the development of the idea of ​​blockchain.

To do this, in 2014, Max organized training meetings at Satoshi Square Kyiv and Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine. On Fridays, QA sessions were held at which experts exchanged experiences, forged new contacts for future achievements, and answered questions from newcomers who came for knowledge.

Project management

In the early summer of 2014, Max was invited to work in on the mining pool GHash.IO, in a team of young and ambitious specialists. But when at the end of 2014 the price of BTC fell, projects within the company wereclosed by decision of the management and Max left.

Then Max was invited to Germany to carry out an international project in the position of Product Owner and BizDev. For 3 and a half years he was engaged in various tasks: he developed OTC desks, exchanges, and wallets. But due to incorrect management decisions, the company lost a lot of money in China, and the project was closed.

At that time, one of Max’s major clients was building a crypto-processing product — . Here he began to engage in business development, and after 3 months he was appointed CEO of the project. Now he is fully engaged in the operation of the platform. and its b2c brand CoinsPaid (a hot wallet and OTC desk, where you can exchange crypto- and fiat currencies). CoinsPaid began to grow as a multifunctional platform with everything a business or personal user of crypto currency would need.

The path to success seems easy enough; build a team of specialists and establish relationships with other enthusiasts. It would seem simple, but any success is built from simple bricks.

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