How to participate in the CoinsPaid IDO on SpacePort: a step-by-step guide

If you missed the IDO on DAO Maker Launchpad, you’ll still be able to buy CoinsPaid CPD tokens at the lowest possible price during the second IDO round on SpacePort. This is an opportunity not to be missed. CoinsPaid is the fastest-growing crypto payment ecosystem out there. If you’ve never participated in an IDO, don’t worry: follow the steps in this guide and you’ll find it easy.

Why purchase $CPD at the IDO?

CoinsPaid is one of the world’s leading crypto payment providers and the global leader in crypto processing for iGaming. We serve over 700 merchants and have already processed over 2.3 billion euro’s worth of crypto transactions in 2021.

With the planned expansion into DeFi and the B2C market, CoinsPaid will grow exponentially. Thanks to $CPD, we will offer services like DeFi staking and liquidity mining. Plus, $CPD holders will get discounts of up to 50% on all CoinsPaid services, including crypto processing, wallet transactions, OTC exchange, etc.

This will let CoinsPaid grow into a unique ecosystem based on a large and successful working business branching into DeFi with all its limitless possibilities. You can be part of this exciting (and lucrative) adventure if you join the IDO in the coming days — here’s how to do it.

How to join the IDO on SpacePort

IDO date: August 31 ~12:00 UTC

1) Get MetaMask Web3 wallet

When passing the KYC, it is necessary to provide the ERC-20 address (Metamask or other web3.0), where the user holds the private keys. The address of exchanges and other third-party centralized services are not allowed. Otherwise, tokens will simply be lost forever.

If you’re already a DeFi user, you probably have a MetaMask wallet. If it’s your first experience, go to the Download MetaMask page and install this excellent decentralized wallet. Make sure to save the seed phrase and store it in a location where you won’t lose it and where it won’t get stolen. The seed phrase is the only way to restore access to the wallet in the future.

You can also use Wallet Connect, but we recommend MetaMask as it’s universally accepted in the DeFi world.

YouTube video tutorial: How To Install Metamask On Chrome

2) Join the White list by passing the KYC

If you applied for the waitlist before, you should receive the email from the CoinsPaid team with the link to pass the KYC. If you don’t, you may go directly to the SpacePort token sale page and pass the KYC there. These two KYC are identical. You will need to provide your ID and an ERC20 (MetaMask) wallet address.

* Please note that the waitlist isn’t the same as the whitelist. By joining it, you subscribe to our newsletter — you’ll be in the loop about all major updates, steps and won’t miss a thing on IDO’s progress.

Be aware that $CPD will be distributed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so being on the white list doesn’t guarantee an allocation.

3) Choose a round

The IDO on SpacePort will consist of two rounds:

Round 1. This round’s participants have a higher chance to get a $CPD allocation, but you need to hold on to your wallet at least 20,000 xPPAY. Round 1 will last for the first 15 minutes of the IDO, and you’ll have a higher chance of getting a $CPD allocation.

Round 2. Once $CPD have been distributed to the Round 1 members, Round 2 will kick in. You’ll still need to pass the KYC and get whitelisted; the difference is that there is no requirement to hold 20,000 xPPAY.

In both rounds, the tokens are sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis (i.e. it’s not a lottery as on DAO Pad). However, it’s quite possible that all of the $CPD allocated for the IDO will be snatched up in Round 1, and there will be nothing left for Round 2.

4) Buy some crypto

For the IDO itself: Tether (USDT ERC-20) — max 1,500 USDT, no minimum threshold. You can buy USDT on any crypto exchange, as well as on Coinbase and other services that sell crypto for fiat.

ONLY If you wish to join Round 1 and get a higher chance to win an allocation: 20,000 xPPAY (Plasma.Finance derivative staking tokens), equivalent to around $2,000

Check «Stake PPAY to get xPPAY» section below

SpacePort is an on-chain decentralized IDO platform, so you will need to send funds to contract when the IDO begins, and to sign a blockchain transaction, you will also need to hold a small portion of ETH. You can transfer your ETH on your wallet from the centralized exchange (Binance, Huobi, OKEX) or purchase ETH or even USDT with a bank card using the fiat-on ramp function of the platform. To use it, please click on the Market Page and choose ETH to buy it. Purchasing cryptocurrency with a card usually takes 1–2 hours, so be prepared before the IDO starts.

5) (For Round 1 only and if bought PPAY): Stake PPAY to get xPPAY

Go to and connect your MetaMask Wallet. Buy and Stake PPAY to get xPPAY in return (they will appear in your Portfolio section). Remember that you’ll need at least 20,000 xPPAY for Round 1. They won’t be used or taken off your balance in any way — you just have to have them. More info

If you bought xPPAY directly on PlasmaSwap, you don’t need to perform this step. However, when you stake PPAY, you earn attractive regular rewards, so you can view it as an additional benefit of participating in Round 1.

How to get xPPAY:

Buy PPAY on HyperDEX and stake it on the saving page. You will get xPPAY.


Buy xPPAY using PlasmaSwap or HyperDEX.

6) Join the IDO

Go to on August 31 and check that the status of the CoinsPaid IDO is LIVE. Click on Connect Wallet to connect MetaMask. Next, click on Invest on the IDO page to submit the funds in USDT (up to 1,500 USDT per user).

The system will match your wallet address against the White List and check if you have at least 20,000 xPPAY. If you haven’t been whitelisted, you won’t be able to submit the funds. If you are on the white list and have 20,000 xPPAY, you’ll be able to join the Round 1 pool. If you don’t have enough xPPAY, but your address is whitelisted, you’ll be able to join the Round 2 pool. Remember that Round 1 will run only for 15 minutes.

7) Submit funds

You can submit any amount below 1,500 USDT, as long as there are still enough tokens available.

YouTube Video Tutorial: How to set the Transaction priority in Metamask to be the first buyer in the IDO with the FCFS model.

8) Receive CPD tokens

If you win a $CPD allocation on SpacePort, you will receive the tokens in portions block by block (i.e. once every Ethereum block) over the course of the 4-month vesting period. See Token Distribution for details.

To claim your tokens, you will need to return to the IDO page of CoinsPaid and click the claim button there.

9) Trading CPD token

After the IDO finishes, the CPD token will be listed on DEXes, and you will be able to trade the token on the same CPD token page. Just click on the “Trade” or “PlasmaSwap” tab on the token page of CPD.

10) Adding CPD token to Metamask

After you purchase or claim and receive your CPD tokens on the wallet, you will be able to see them on the Portfolio Page on Plasma.Finance. To see the CPD token in your metamask, please manually add this token to your wallet.

Here is a token contract addresses in each Chain:

Etherscan (Add to Metamask: 0x9b31bb425d8263fa1b8b9d090b83cf0c31665355 )

Polygonscan ( 0x1ce4a2c355f0dcc24e32a9af19f1836d6f4f98ae )

BSCscan ( 0x2406dce4da5ab125a18295f4fb9fd36a0f7879a2 )

Youtube video guide: How to add a custom token to Metamask wallet.

Have questions? Get in touch with the CoinsPaid team — we’ll be happy to help!

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