CPD Tokenomics: All You Wanted to Know

4 min readJun 8, 2021

CoinsPaid, the world’s largest crypto payment processor, has decided to make users’ lives easier by introducing the native CPD token. From now on, individuals and businesses will be able to pay for services using CPD while token holders can reap extra bonuses and discounts. The token will soon be available on the market — the public IDO round is to be announced.

What CPD is and how it can benefit CoinsPaid users?

What is CPD?

CPD is the new native token of the CoinsPaid ecosystem. CPD was created with convenience and profitability in mind. It will be used as a means of value transfer, payment for services, rewards, and discount bonuses.

What are the competitive advantages of CPD?

  1. It provides up to a 30% discount CPD staking fees and an additional 20% discount for paying them in CPD token. The maximum discount on operational fees is 50%
  2. B2B customers will get an additional 10% discount for token promotion
  3. DeFi staking rewards (up to 20% APY)
  4. Thanks to monthly burning events, CPD value inflation will be prevented — it might actually grow in price in that time
  5. Token swaps will be available for ETH, BSC, SOL and EOS chains to offer merchants an extensive choice of blockchains
  6. Discount on future marketing services & products

Thus, CPD is designed to incentivize every user. The higher turnover and the higher discount will be provided. CoinsPaid with CPD has all chances to outbid competitors by offering abundant use cases.

CPD in Numbers

While you’re considering participation in the upcoming IDO, here are some numbers to showcase CPD Token Economics.

The total supply is 800 000 000 CPD. Considering the monthly burning event that starts after all tokens go into circulation, holders don’t have to worry about inflation. The first batch of tokens (40,000,000 CPD), 5% will be divided between public investors and the liquidity pool. Supply on TGE will be only 24M.

After the introduction of the entire CPD batch into the circulation, the supply will be divided in the following way:

With 31% of CPD going to the Incentive program, users will be able to boost their profits considerably. Also, 24 mln tokens will be added as liquidity on the 1st day of trading and form a core of the “demand & supply” model. This liquidity pool will fuel on-platform transactions involving CPD.

Note that the incentive program is designed so that bonuses are paid gradually. In total, 248 mln of CPD tokens will be allocated as a reward for stacking, cashback, and other actions involving token use. All the amount of tokens will be distributed in 1.5 years after the public listing.

Here is CPD token distribution shown in numbers:

How does CPD work?

CPD will be used in different services — the extensive number of use cases is expected to grow. So far, CoinsPaid plans to enable such utility functions as:

  • Paying commissions in CPD. CoinsPaid users will be able to get up to 50% discount on all operations in the ecosystem both for B2B and B2C solutions. For example, here’s how it will work for B2B segment:

B2C customers can get a higher discount:

  • Earn interest for lending, borrowing and staking. Stakers will be able to store CPD and other tokens with up to 20% APY. Besides, the token will serve as the collateral in the CoinsPaid service. The lending interest rates will change according to the amount of CPD owned.
  • Loyalty rewards for affiliates and B2B product resellers. Partners holding CPD tokens get up to 20% lifetime commissions from reseller merchants. CoinsPaid wallet affiliates will earn up to 50% revenue share versus 15% standard reward.
  • Service payments. CPD token will be the main payment option for the PR in CoinsPaid Academy and marketing services offered by the team.

Join a waiting list to apply for participation in the IDO’s public sale round. If you get whitelisted, you’ll be able to purchase CPD for as low as $0.02 per token.

Be the first to hear about the public sale — stay tuned via Twitter & Telegram.




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