CoinsPaid & SpacePort contest starts today: $15,000 prize fund, 200 prizes

To celebrate our upcoming IDO on SpacePort by Plasma.Finance, we’re launching a contest with a total prize fund of $15,000. Round 1 with a prize fund of $5,000 starts today, so read the rules and fill this form to join the challenge.

The first CoinsPaid IDO round on DAO Pad was a great success with 25х oversubscriptions. Now everything’s ready for the IDO on SpacePort by Plasma.Finance! We’re really humbled by the amazing response from the community, so together with SpacePort, we decided to run one more contest, this time with a prize fund of $15,000.

What you’ll need to do: collect points for completing various tasks of your choice — from simple retweeting to making a GIF or a short YouTube video.

How much you can win: $50 in Round 1 for 20 points and $100 in Round 2 for 30 points, all in CPD tokens. There will be many winners, so your chances are good — join in!

When: the contest will run in 2 rounds. In this post, we’ll provide all the details for Round 1, while the precise terms for Round 2 will be announced closer to the starting date.

The terms and prizes for the two rounds are different, so we’ll describe them one by one.

Round 1

Ends: 12:00 UTC, August 31.

Prize fund: $5,000, 100 winners will get $50 each in $CPD at the IDO public sale price. That makes 2,500 CPD per winner.

You need to collect: 20 points.

Tasks and points (remember, you need to collect 20 points among the first 100 participants to get the prize):

  1. 1point: retweet any CoinsPaid tweet about the IDO and tag 5 friends in the thread (you can do no more than 3 of these, so max 3 points for retweets)
  2. 2 points: follow CoinsPaid and SpacePort on social media (you can do this only once)

3. 3 points: quote a CoinsPaid tweet with a comment (no more than 3 of these, so max 9 points)

4. 4 points: post your own Twitter thread about CoinsPaid IDO

5. 5 points: create a CoinsPaid IDO-themed image or meme

6. 6 points: create a CoinsPaid IDO-themed GIF

7. 10 points: a YouTube video (from 30 to 60 seconds long) about CoinsPaid IDO

There are many ways to get to 20 points, for example:

  • 3 retweets (3 points) + follow CoinsPaid and SpacePort on social media (2 points) + 3 tweet quotes with comments (9 points) + one GIF (6 points) = 20.
  • 2 YouTube videos (10 points each) = 20.

Tracking results: on August 27, we’ll post a spreadsheet with a list of participants and their points count so far on our Telegram Channel. The spreadsheet will be updated daily at 12:00 UTC, except for Sunday.

Contests should be fun and not hard work, so we’ll make it really easy for you in Round 1. Every task is worth a certain number of points, and you can choose which ones to do — as long as you manage to get to 20 points overall.

Rules for the content:

1) All content must be in English

2) Focus only on the CoinsPaid IDO (not just CoinsPaid as a company)

3) No duplicate content: all the tweets in a thread must be different, and the same goes for comments and videos

4) All content must be published in publicly accessible accounts and during the contest round, not on the dates before

5) A Twitter thread, GIF, meme, or YouTube video must have some engagement (e.g. likes, comments, shares). You will not get points for threads, memes, pictures, GIFs, or videos with zero engagement.

6) Twitter threads, images, memes, and GIFs must be accompanied by the hashtag #CPDinSpace and mention $CPD @CoinsPaid @CyberSpacePort

7) YouTube video titles must contain the hashtag #CPDinSpace and feature the following description:

CoinsPaid is a leading crypto payment ecosystem. The company processed €1.25 billion worth of crypto in 2020 and €2.3 billion in 2021 so far.

It is a successful and profitable business with more than 700 merchants that has launched a CPD token and DeFi tools to empower its customers. The IDO will take place on the SpacePort platform on August 31.

More info:

Choose any tasks that suit your creative spirit, and fill this form to join the challenge. You’ll need to provide your email address, social media username, and a link to the content you’ve created.

You can complete the form every time after finishing any task or all at once with all content links to get 20 points, but don’t forget that only the first 100 participants will get the prize.

Prize payouts: we’ll send an email to each winner with a short form to fill. Once you send us the requested info (including an ERC-20 web3.0 wallet address (Metamask), we’ll send you the tokens within 7 days.

Round 2

Starts: September 1

Ends: 12:00 UTC, September 20

Prize fund: $10,000, 100 winners will get $100 each in $CPD at the current market price at the moment of the payout.

You need to collect: 30 points.

Round 2 will feature more creative tasks, such as creating YouTube videos or articles about the CoinsPaid ecosystem, $CPD utility, and our new services. Each task will also be worth more points (5–15), so you’ll only need to complete two or three to be entitled to a prize.

We will post the list of available tasks and how many points they are worth closer to the starting date — stay tuned!

Round 1 starts today, so jump in and get creative!

Also, if you’ve missed the IDO on DAO Pad, you can still get into the IDO on SpacePort, which will take place on August 31. This is your last chance to buy CoinsPaid’s $CPD tokens at $0.02. Here’s a registration link:

Have questions about the contest? Ask us in the Telegram chat. Good luck!

*Please note that we reserve the right to make modifications to the rules at any time.

CoinsPaid is a crypto-financial ecosystem including a cryptocurrency wallet, payment processor, exchange with OTC desk, a hot wallet system for businesses