CoinsPaid in July 2022: What Has Been Done

3 min readAug 18, 2022


With August well underway, let’s take a look at what’s been going on at CoinsPaid over the past month. Whether you’re a prospective or an existing client of ours, the below will surely be of interest!

First, let’s take a look at updates to our B2B Offering

We’ve added Chip and Switch components to our UI. These will greatly improve the UX, and we’ll be storing the new components in our project’s UI library for future integration into the system.

We’ve fixed some password issues. Now you can easily get to the back office while copying and pasting your password from an email.

We’ve developed some new popup components according to our house design. These are stored in the project’s UI library for future integrations. There’s no doubt this will improve the UX.

We’ve added discount levels at the Fees page for CPD. This will take on the form of a carousel which one can use to control the discount level. We decided that it’s important to provide our clients with clarity when it comes to the conditions that need to be met to gain the largest discount.

Bug fix — now, we show all refunds that are in the ‘Done’ status and fixed the bug with the ‘None’ option. The refund status filter now works correctly.

What about future updates to our B2B offering?

But that’s not all, very soon, we’re planning to return Scorechain risk scores for TRX and USDT (TRC20). Crystal, our transaction monitoring provider, will shortly be providing this functionality. As soon as they do, we’ll integrate it, allowing our clients to benefit. We’re also planning to add new information to our transaction page about Crystal and Scorechain risk scores.

But most importantly, we are adding new pairs for BNB (BNB smart chain) & BUSD and integrating PrestaShop, Woocommerce & OpenCart.

Now, we’ll look at the changes to our B2C web offering

We’ve made it possible to audit existing metrics, create alerts, responses and use process escalation tools.

As a part of an anti-fraud procedure, we’ve enabled blocking and unblocking of wallets for back-office users (mainly compliance officers). The user of an unblocked wallet also receives an informational letter stating that he or she is unblocked and can continue to interact with the application.

In the back office, you can now set and change custom limits. This functionality was implemented so that support can action these requests on their own without the help of engineers; it makes the whole process a lot faster.

We’ve implemented a new menu component. After all, the ease of our product is pertinent to one of our main company slogans! Now, a rail menu is available.

We’ve added page titles. Yes, there are now special titles for all pages! It makes navigating our platform that much easier.

Also, we’ve integrated a User Risk Matrix as a part of KYC due diligence.

Next, let’s check out what’s new in our B2C app!

Now, analytics can be gathered on the usage of wallet features. For example,

  • Registration conversion rates;
  • Retention and churn rates;
  • Conversion into an active user.

And that’s it! Another productive month here at CoinsPaid, with lots of cooking in the oven. Make sure to check back next month for another exciting swathe of updates! Lastly, don’t forget to Follow CoinsPaid on Telegram and on to keep up with all our latest news.




CoinsPaid is a crypto-financial ecosystem including a cryptocurrency wallet, payment processor, exchange with OTC desk, a hot wallet system for businesses