CoinsPaid August 2022 Progress Report

3 min readSep 27, 2022


With Autumn well underway and September almost over, let’s review what CoinsPaid has successfully completed in August. Whether you’re a prospective or existing client of ours, the updates below should surely be of some interest.

First, let’s take a look at updates to our B2B Offering

In terms of B2B, we’ve further optimised the system in line with our goals, and throughout the remainder of 2022, we’re looking to accelerate the development of and stabilise our processing procedure even further.

We have encountered a number of situations where end-users submit an XRP withdrawal request with an incorrect tag. This meant that certain transactions were being created and then rejected manually due to incorrect tags. Notifications were being sent to the core and B2B teams on duty. They are distracted from tasks and are often woken up so that they are able to cancel the transaction manually, refund the money and resend the callback.

Our solution was to validate the XRP tag at each step in our system before a transaction can be created. The tag shall now be validated at the following steps:

  • Withdrawal form creation
  • Refund requests
  • Cold address input
  • Contact creation
  • PlugNPay address check

If the specified tag is not between 0 and 4294967295, the error message “Invalid XRP tag” will be displayed to the user. Additionally: The error message for incorrect addresses was changed from “Given address is not valid {ISO} address” to “Invalid {ISO} address”.

Now, let’s move onto our B2C Web-based offering

Firstly, regarding the user risk matrix, we’ve added risk levels to user details and permissions. We’ve also added the opportunity to recalculate risk scores and now we render the risk level of the user via the back office. This will assist regulators who require the risk scoring of users.

Secondly, sometimes users set one country in the registration step, but after, they attach documents that have been issued by another country. To fix this issue, we now only allow users to upload documents that correspond to their selected country.

Thirdly, we’re preparing our infrastructure for the collection of web analytics. Before, there was an inadequate integration with Amplitude Web Analytics. As a result, we researched our opportunities and prepared the front-end infrastructure to send events effortlessly without overcoding. Moreover, we added a Public ID for each user. This will be useful for other integrations too.

Next, we integrated ZenDesk, which will create a widget that will be added to the wallet. Indeed, users want to know as much information as possible regarding instances of contacting support.

Also, through additional validation procedures when it comes to the XRP tag, manual routine is reduced via a reduction in instances of error.

Lastly, we’ve corrected the error that sometimes appears when it comes to address verification. Now, the error message has been changed to “Please enter a valid {ISO} address”.

Finally, there are some updates to our B2C app.

We’ve added an UUID for Amplitude. Indeed, Amplitude wouldn’t count the same user on Web and Mobile as two different users. As a result, we could see the actions of this user from both platforms in one place. This update will make cross-platform analytics much easier, and as such, we’ll be able to improve the user experience.

Moreover, to tackle the problem that arises when a user creates a crypto withdrawal transaction with an invalid tag, we’ve implemented stringent XRP tag verification functions. This will reduce the manual routine and improve the user experience.

Lastly, we’ve modified the bank account creation flow in the mobile app. As fiat withdrawals are an important function within our wallet, users ought to be able to add and manage their bank accounts with functions such as ‘delete’, ‘see status & details’ etc. Therefore, the bank account creation flow has been modified and tested.

And that’s just some of the major stuff! Another productive month here at CoinsPaid, with lots of cooking in the oven. Make sure to check back next month for another exciting swathe of updates!

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See you soon!




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