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The growth of the community is an indispensable condition for the successful development of any project. And of course, the community can’t exist without active participants who are able not only to speak positively about the company or project but also to help it to grow. If you can bring information about CoinsPaid to new users, our ambassador program is a great chance to show your leadership skills and get a good reward. A monthly reward pool is about $10 000 with the following allocation: 30% belongs to the category of the existing thematic community and 70% to the category that develops the new CPD dedicated community.

Whom are we looking for?

All the activities are available on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord. The community language doesn’t matter. Both users who already have a thematic community related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain and those who are just starting to create and develop a community dedicated to CPD & CoinsPaid can become representative of our ambassador program.

For the first ones, the reward will depend on the size of the community and the completion of a minimum number of tasks. For the second group of ambassadors, the reward depends on the monthly community growth and its activity.

Сampaign conditions

1. Rules for the existing thematic community

Conditions for participation in the ambassador program for such users are the following mandatory number of activities per month:

- repost (or publication with translation) of 3 entries from the official CoinsPaid social networks;

- 2 author posts about the project;

- 1 Q&A / AMA / presentation about the project, can be made in the text, video, or voice format.

Possible topics for content (can be detailed or selected indirectly):

- What is a CoinsPaid / CPD token;

- CoinsPaid ecosystem;

- Use of CPD token;

- New CoinsPaid products;

CoinsPaid would encourages ambassodors to suggest new topics, moreover, the topics stated above are not final.

All your materials must be unique, without plagiarism. While publishing posts community members can express some kind of reaction, ask clarifying questions; while conducting an AMA they can participate in the discussion and ask questions.

2. Rules for a new community dedicated exclusively to CPD/CoinsPaid.

To receive the reward, the ambassador must perform the following set of mandatory actions:

- publication of at least 3 project news per week from the official channels (and translate them if necessary);

- holding 2 events about the project/token within the community (Q&A / AMA / presentations about the project in the form of text, video, or voice chat are available)

- community growth and attracting new live subscribers, not bots

Possible topics for content (can be detailed or selected indirectly):

• What is CoinsPaid / CPD token

• CoinsPaid ecosystem

• Use of CPD token

• New CoinsPaid products

Requirements within the category:

- all content must be original, without plagiarism;

- the community should be active, discuss the project, share opinions, participate in events, and conduct chat conversations.

The ambassador should moderate the community and actively communicate within it. Bonuses will not be paid in the absence of communication between chat participants.

Participants from all countries (except USA and Germany) are allowed to participate. The communities themselves can be in any language.

When publishing content on behalf of the Ambassadors or in discussions on CoinsPaid, CPD, and other products of the company / persons associated with them, it is not allowed:

- to offend someone in any manner;

- use obscene language and false/incorrect information;

- negatively represent CoinsPaid and its products.

How to participate

For the participants with an existing thematic community, the main rule is the community should be related to cryptocurrencies/blockchain. Anyone wishing to participate in this category needs to fill out a pre-registration form and indicate its name, mail, BSC wallet address, Telegram username, Discord name (note that there will be all the details and tracking tasks), a link to the community, the current number of subscriptions and possibly links to other communities/social networks.

Participants who want to create a community dedicated to CPD need to fill out a pre-registration form and indicate its name, mail, username in Telegram, name in Discord, BSC wallet address, tell about the experience of running a community, and why they want to become an Ambassador, where and in what language the community is planned to be built.

Accounting of tasks and indicators will occur in conjunction with Discord and registration forms. Information on the completed task is sent at the beginning to a certain Discord channel, then fill out a form where you should indicate Discord name, a link to the community, select a category of a creative content and give a link to a message in Discord about the task. The form for each category of participants can be updated on a monthly basis.

Reward counting

The first category of the Ambassadors (who have existing communities):

By completing the publication plan and meeting the requirements, the following coefficients for receiving awards depending on the size of the community (measured at the end of the month) will be implemented.

Number of subscribers / community audience

Coefficient (Ratio)

less than 500 / 0.5

500–1,000 / 0.7

1,000–2,500 / 1

2,500–5,000 / 1.5

5,000–10,000 /2.5

more than 10,000

Special conditions can be negotiated separately.

Any additional initiatives and ideas can add up to 0.5 to the participant’s coefficient. A separate channel with such ideas will be created. All the activities outside the mandatory ones must be sent there. It can be AMA sessions or just the ideas for the implementation of the project by the team (collaborations, events, etc.). Coefficients are awarded at the discretion of the CoinsPaid’ team.

The second category of the Ambassadors (who will create a new community):

For those campaign participants who do not have a community yet but want to develop and support it, the coefficients look like this. The main condition remains the same — original content and active discussions within the community.

Community growth (new members)

Coefficient (Ratio)

+10 / 0.2

+50 / 0.5

+50–100 / 0.7

+100–200 / 1

+200–500 / 1.5

+500–1000 / 2.5

more than 1000 / 5

Example of reward calculation for ambassadors

A monthly reward pool is about 206,700 tokens, where 62,000 (30%) belong to the category with an existing thematic community and 144,700 (70%) to the category who just make communities about CPD.

For the first category.

For 10 people fulfilled the conditions in the already existing communities within a month and 5 of them have active chats with up to 500, 2–500–1000, more 3–2,500–5,000.

The sum of their coefficients is obtained (without the additional activity): 8.4.

We divide 62k tokens by 8.4 to get the cost of 1 point = 7,381. Then this number multiplies by an individual coefficient. For example, a participant who owns a chat with up to 500 participants has a coefficient of 0.5 and will receive 3,691 tokens (currently it is about $295).

For the second category.

30 charts were created within a month, all of them grew by 100–200 people. Then, the total sum of coefficients will be 30.

Then we divide 144.7k tokens by 30 and get the amount for each participant: 4823 tokens (at the moment it is about $386).

Join the CoinsPaid team

CoinSpaid is #1 cryptocurrency payment ecosystem. We rise in both bull and bear markets.

CPD is a token of the CoinsPaid ecosystem with positive business dynamics regardless of market characteristics and trends. CPD is integrated into every CoinsPaid product as a utility and incentive token of the whole ecosystem, paying for the services of more than 800 CoinsPaid customers, as well as rewards, bonuses, and discounts. The demand for the token may continue to increase due to the increase in the number of CoinsPaid customers, transactions, and volumes in general, and this is observed both in a growing and falling market.

CoinsPaid growth dynamics for 2021:

1. Transactions: 9.2 million

Growth relative to 2020: 2.75 times or 175%

2. Volume: 5.65 euros or 6.39 dollars (billions)

Growth relative to 2020: 4.54 times or 354%

3. Transactions for December: 938 thousand.

Growth relative to January 2021: 2.34 times or 134%

Best month — October: 1.015 million

4. Volume for December: 815 million euros.

Growth relative to January 2021: 4.6 times or 360%

5. The team has grown by 140% and now consists of 125 people.

All-time stats:

Transactions: 14.42 million

Volume: 7.6 euros or 8.6 dollars (billions)

Our mission is to bring joy and simplicity to the world of crypto payments.

Our goal is to connect e-commerce and DeFI to build a new future of the world economy and you can become a member of our team.

Fill out the Ambassador application form and join us now!




CoinsPaid is a crypto-financial ecosystem including a cryptocurrency wallet, payment processor, exchange with OTC desk, a hot wallet system for businesses