CoinsPaid Achievements for Q1 2022. What was done?

B2B achievements

New SaaS

  • Cryptocurrencies processing;
  • Crypto wallet;
  • Casino (by SoftSwiss). The important part of this project is that casino users will be depositing their funds via wallet through Plug&Pay.

New coins & tokens

  • BUSD
  • CSC

New Liquidity Aggregator

  • Support various exchanges;
  • Exchange fee decrease;
  • Exchange any currency to any currency;
  • Simplification and decreasing of the load on the back-end;
  • Speedup of cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Decreasing manual efforts and human risks;
  • Multi-hop function enabled (intermediate exchanges when direct exchange is impossible for various reasons).

B2C Direction successes

Improvement of Plug&Pay (recurrent payments)

  • Achieved 4 times faster processing of recurrent transactions;
  • Implemented the possibility of auto-approving a subscription to the service;
  • Launched the ability for users to select a wider set of data for seamless interaction with the wallet through the merchant interface.

Improvements of application functionality

  • Developed wallet localization mechanism;
  • Created a mechanism for changing the base currency so the users can choose which currency the total balance of the wallet will be displayed.

Mobile application achievements

  • Plug&Pay integration on withdrawal and transactions;
  • English language was added with support for other languages;
  • Changed the behavior of the currency exchange. Now when clients exchange cryptocurrency, they can use the exchange rate held for 60 seconds to quickly make the exchange with the rate they have agreed to.

Changes in the business logic

CPD Token Achievements

  • farming activities on Marketmaking.PRO, Unicrypt, and MDEX;
  • CPD was listed on the SAVL platform;
  • regular airdrops for the CPD community;
  • offers for merchants about discounts for token comarketing;
  • cooperation with several influencers to promote CPD and related activities;
  • launch of the CPD Ambassador program.



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CoinsPaid is a crypto-financial ecosystem including a cryptocurrency wallet, payment processor, exchange with OTC desk, a hot wallet system for businesses