Dear CoinsPaid community,

Last Saturday was tough… As you already know, there was an exploit on DAO Maker’s vesting system for public sale participants. The tokens that DAO Maker was supposed to distribute to their public buyers were taken by a hacker and sold.

There was no additional token mint…

Compared to most DeFi tokens, CoinsPaid’s CPD has much more wide-ranging utility — from liquidity mining and staking to paying processing fees with huge discounts. Here’s what regular users and businesses can expect from CPD after the IDO.

Point 0: the IDO

When: August 24 on Dao Pad (finished), August…

To apply for the Whitelist, you will need to go through the KYC process.

To get through KYC you have to go through the 2 steps (Identity & Liveness).

Identity (Document verification)

The following conditions must be met in confirming the document:

- Government-issued;

- Original full-size;

- Single-colored background;


CoinsPaid is a crypto-financial ecosystem including a cryptocurrency wallet, payment processor, exchange with OTC desk, a hot wallet system for businesses

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