CoinsPaid, the world’s largest crypto payment processor, has decided to make users’ lives easier by introducing the native CPD token. From now on, individuals and businesses will be able to pay for services using CPD while token holders can reap extra bonuses and discounts. The token will soon be available on the market — the public IDO round is to be announced.

What CPD is and how it can benefit CoinsPaid users?

What is CPD?

CPD is the new native token of the CoinsPaid ecosystem. CPD was created with convenience and profitability in mind. …

CoinsPaid is the world’s largest crypto payment ecosystem that leverages and automates crypto payments for iGaming and other businesses. 5% of all on-chain crypto transactions are processed by CoinsPaid making its turnover reach €300 million per month.

Supporting over 50 cryptocurrencies and 20 fiat currencies, CoinsPaid created a whole ecosystem of services, such as OTC desk & exchange, recurring payments (Plugn’ Pay), invoices, and automated affiliate payouts, B2C wallet, white label solutions and so much more. Since 2014, CoinsPaid has helped over 600 iGaming businesses implement crypto payment and exchange solutions. …

Since 2014, CoinsPaid has been successfully developing crypto payments solutions for the B2B sector. By now, the diverse range of CoinsPaid products includes Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid, OTC Desk, White Label, Plug&Pay, B2B and B2C Wallets, and more! The ecosystem supports 30+ crypto and 20+ fiat currencies, with the list of operating currencies being updated monthly with top trending ones. CoinsPaid ensures the security of its products with a system of hot and cold wallets, while the entire ecosystem has been audited by Kaspersky Lab.

CoinsPaid’s success in the payment industry is owed to the edgy technology linking all their products…

The latest news from the CoinsPaid team in our May Digest!


In May, several important crypto and fintech events took place in Dubai, UAE. The CoinsPaid team, represented by the GPR, CoinsPaid Media, Business Development, and Sales departments, attended the conferences in person for networking and brand awareness. The events included:

  • May 19–20 iFX EXPO
  • May 24 Limitless DeFi
  • May 25–26 AIBC Summit, where we were exhibiting with a booth this year
  • May 27 Supreme Blockchain Conference

On May 25, at the AIBC Summit Award Ceremony, CoinsPaid received a winning award in the “Payment Provider of the Year” category!

“Winning isn’t getting ahead of OTHERS. It’s getting ahead of YOURSELF.”-Roger Staubach

We are excited to announce that CoinsPaid is a sponsor for the ARIS Limassol F.C., Cyprus!

ARIS Limassol is one of the oldest football clubs in Cyprus, whose origin dates back to 1930. The club’s history had some significant moments and stand-out players, including legendary Oleg Blokhin in the years 1989 to 1990. The club’s winning scores were volatile throughout its past. …

Please welcome our first CoinsPaid Corporate Digest.

The Digest is fully dedicated to our company news and will cover product updates, changes in procedures, announcements of our recent activities and achievements.


April 2021 was pretty busy for the whole CoinsPaid team and especially for the Events department.

On April 15, we attended The Georgia Gambling Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia, which united professionals and experts from the landline and online casino sector and gambling.

The event itself was a great insight into the current state of the gambling industry and its ongoing trends. …

According to analytics by Etherscan’s economist Alex Krüger, Ethereum transaction fees from 10 to 12 August reached highs since the summer of 2015, when the coin was launched. A transaction costs about $9.5 and takes at least 15 seconds to confirm. In expert opinion, the main reasons for the extortionate gas price and the outraged audience are high demand and a large number of processed transactions that need to be prioritized in blockchains.

Companies like Forsage were possibly behind “the congestion.” In Buterin’s words, Forsage ranks second in terms of gas consumption on the network.

Ethereum price is around $400…

CoinsPaid is a community of people who are in love with blockchain and their work. It allows us to create the best products on the market and to maintain a stable place in the niche.

To effectively customise the work and deliver a truly high-quality product, CoinsPaid management has developed its values ​​and principles. These principles help the company’s employees to do their best and communicate efficiently at all stages of project development.

These are the principles we are guided by:

  • Cooperation is more critical than a hierarchical structure
  • Flexibility is more valuable than following regulations.
  • Transparency is more important…

The world does not stop. Just yesterday, paper money was in every wallet. Now it is practically not needed for a comfortable life in an urban environment. Real money has been replaced with online payments and bank cards. A new era has begun — the age of the blockchain.

CoinsPaid has three quintessential points explaining why cryptocurrencies are desperately necessary for any business (especially for e-commerce):

1. Standard payment services are subject to high fees from the acquiring bank. On the other hand, the blockchain scales the network and reduces transaction fees significantly (both for small transactions and large ones).

Since individuals and businesses used bitcoin and basic coins for making transactions, there have been many disputes about whether the cryptocurrency payments are better than bank cards. is a reasonable solution for using the strong sides of both methods; however, we would like to tell you about the real advantages of crypto payments.

1. Cryptocurrency payment always requires your permission

The system of subscriptions using bank cards is a convenient service in terms of regular payment of bills. However, it also has a few disadvantages: money can be withdrawn from the card regardless of the desire of an account…


CoinsPaid is a crypto-financial ecosystem including a cryptocurrency wallet, payment processor, exchange with OTC desk, a hot wallet system for businesses

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